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Ryan McLaughlin



Juris Doctor, 2012

B.A., Political Science, 2008

Activities & Affiliations

• Minnesota State Bar Association, Member
• MSBA Solo & Small Firm Section, Member

Bar Admissions

• Minnesota


• Mediator, The State Bar of California




McLaughlin Law is 32 years in the making. My story goes something like this:

During my first semester of law school, my mom died of a heart attack. She was jogging. I did what she would’ve wanted: keep on, keepin’ on.

I finished law school and then passed the Minnesota Bar Exam.

After the Bar, I wandered. I worked odd jobs—food trucks, Vietnamese kitchens, natural grocery stores, dish pits, Christmas tree farms, coffeeshops, etc.

In 2014, I met my light: Kate. We soon got married. Because of my stubborn and idealistic insistence, we changed our last name to Loveeachother. I applied to graduate school in Creative Writing and we moved to Georgia. In the sweaty south, we had our first child: EllieRoo. I’ve since graduated, and experienced a significant chunk of fatherhood. I don’t know who has grown more in so few months—me or EllieRoo.

Because of EllieRoo, I now look in the mirror and see the same oval face and glasses that’ve squint-stared back at me for the last 32 years, but now I see FATHER scribbled across the lines in my forehead. Provider, or co-provider. Fatherhood is amounting to a stern kick in the pants, a bugle call to personal responsibility.

Call it an epiphany.

Nine months ago, I shaved my mane of dreadlocks. A month ago, I unzipped the dusty suit bag that housed my limited collection of formal wear. I began dressing for success, as they say.

It feels fantastic—a little absurd, given the circuitous path, but fantastic.

I’m not the typical lawyer. This isn’t the typical sales pitch. I don’t know if it’s a pitch at all. I’m a father, ultra-runner, husband, swimmer, daily diarist, yogi and paleo diet enthusiast.

I share all this—the longwinded this-is-my-life-story spiel—not to say that we all make mistakes, because I don’t think anything in the above is a mistake. Nor do I share in order to pat myself on the back. There’s too much to work to do for self-congratulating.

I share all this because I think life happens, so it goes, etc. It’s how we react. How we stick together and do the best we can. How we take one day at a time. How we try to be honest with ourselves and those around us. How we try to take responsibility for our lives. How we try, we try, we try.

Therefore, yes, I would love to represent you. To be your attorney. To help you with the legal aspects of your journey. It is a journey, I’m learning. Forward, backward, side-to-side. It’s all perspective. It’s all whatever is right and true and resonant for you. Call, text or email me today. Your first consultation is free.

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