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Most Firms Tell Clients Adoption is Too Complicated For Them To Understand. It's Not. You Can DIY. Call Me & I'll Walk You Through It. 

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What is Adoption?

Adoption is the process of legally becoming the parent of a child, or sometimes, an adult.

What is Guardianship?

A Guardianship is different than an adoption.  A guardian does not become a legal parent, but they do become the person or persons who can legally make decisions for the “ward” who can be a child or an adult.

Taking on the responsibility of a child or disabled adult is a noble but often overwhelming responsibility, not to mention expensive. Whether you are seeking to adopt your stepchild, gain guardianship of your grandchildren, or are caring for an incapacitated adult family member we are here to make the process simple and affordable. Reinvest that time and money back into the child or individual in your care.

Adoption & Guardianship Services and Fees

Starting at $500

  • Minor Guardianship – $1800
  • Adult Guardianship – $1500 (+$300 Emergency Guardianship)
  • Step Parent Adoption (no contest) – $1500
  • Grandparent Adoption (no contest) – $1500
  • Adult Child Adoptions – $500
  • Non-Relative Adoptions (no contest) – $2000