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3 Reasons Why A Tattooed Attorney Is An Advantage

3 Reasons Why A Tattooed Attorney Is An Advantage

  1. Making it into the legal profession with tattoos is a difficult task. The field's conservative values and hierarchy favor the status quo. If you can find a licensed attorney with ink, it means they have a proven track record of performance and resourcefulness above and beyond the average hoop-jumper.

  2. Tattoos are the opposite of high-brow and elitist. A tattooed attorney won't look down at a client or spout snooty legalese to get a higher fee.

  3. Tattoos are, sometimes, mistakes—or at least marks of the people we were then, but not now. If you have an attorney with tattoos from 10 years ago, he or she probably understands that we all start off in one place and grow from there. This basic understanding sets the groundwork for an enjoyable attorney-client relationship.

    My name is Ryan McLaughlin and I'm an attorney with McLaughlin Law, LLC. I'm heavily tattooed and would love to help you with your legal needs. I specialize in Estate Planning, Family Law, and Holistic Divorce Mediation. Hit me up: (320)318-0430.

Ryan McLaughlin

➡️What if there were a kinder, gentler way to get a divorce – one less damaging to your children, less stressful for you and less expensive?

➡️Have you heard of collaborative law or mediation? 
Both non-traditional approaches keep divorce out of court. If you'd like to learn more, stay tuned this week. Each day, I'll post explain and elaborate on my approach.

➡️Hint: Certified Yoga + Certified Thai Massage Therapist + Certified Divorce Mediator + Licensed Attorney

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Ryan McLaughlin
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Revisiting Your Guardianship Nomination 🍁

Do you have a Child Guardianship provision in your current Estate Plan?

Nominating a guardian for your child in the event of your passing is not an easy task. There are so many factors to consider when selecting the ideal candidate among your family and friends. And often, these factors change over time. 

intimidated? Don't be! I'm an attorney (and a dad) here to help you. Call 📞 (320)318=0430 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. But first, keep reading:

Nominating a guardian for your child in the event of your passing is no easy task. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the ideal candidate among your family and friends:

Typically when naming a guardian, parents will consider what their child needs at the time of their decision. For example, the parents of a 2-year-old child may base their decision on who can provide the most loving and nurturing home, while the parents of a 13-year-old will be more inclined to name a disciplinarian. As time progresses, our lives, and the lives of our family and friends change. Maybe the person you initially named moves to another state, or they now have three children of their own, and cannot financially or emotionally care for an additional family member. This is why it is important to revisit your decision every few years.

When reevaluating your choices, take into consideration that person’s lifestyle, location, and most importantly, their relationship with your child. Along with these factors, also consider the guardian’s stamina, stability, and potential conflicts of interest with your child. Be realistic about your parents’ ability if they are getting older, or your friends having more responsibilities with time, and that your children may need more attention than their guardian can provide.

It is sometimes helpful to think beyond your immediate family members, and consider long-time friends that share similar philosophies about life and child-rearing. If there is a likelihood of conflict between family members or friends, be sure to share this with your attorney. We can customize your guardianship nomination to encourage loved ones to work together and keep the lines of communication open. If you are considering revisiting your guardian nomination, be sure to contact my office. I can discuss your changes, and help create a plan for your child’s future that will address your concerns.


Guardians can only act until a child turns 18-years-old. Here’s where you need a think-outside-the-box and knowledgable attorney. Distributing your child’s inheritance into a Trust will allow you to control when, and for what purpose, they get distributions, preventing the child from being financially irresponsible with their inheritance.

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McLaughlin Law Update Guardianship Provision
Ryan McLaughlin
Are You A Dad? Have You Written A Will That Provides For Your Kids

Did you know that only 36 percent of U.S. parents with children under 18 have wills or living trusts in place?

Despite how it safeguards their families, many men avoid will-writing and estate planning. What is it that makes them so hesitant to do it? Don't leave your kids' futures in the hands of a probate judge. Take a few hours and knock out an estate plan! I can walk you through the whole process. In fact, if you live in the Twin Cities, I'll be hosting a Free Open House Q&A about Estate Planning next week. Stay tuned for details!

Estate Planning Father Responsibility Children Plan Will Trust
Parents: Do You Have A Will With A Guardianship Provision?
Estate Planning Minnesota Lawyer Will Trust Guardianship

Admittedly, until I became a dad, I really didn't understand the HUGE importance of a proper Estate Plan. What if something happened to myself or my wife? Who would take care of EllieRoo, our 14-month-old daughter? 👶


Without a valid will containing a guardianship provision, this decision would be made by a judge.


"Estate Planning" sounds complicated and morbid, but it's not. Especially if you're a parent, it's just planning for your child's future well being. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧


If you don't have a will, living will, healthcare power of attorney, and financial power of attorney, these documents are tremendously important. Without them, the court becomes the decision-maker instead of you. 📝


I'd be happy to discuss what works best for you and your family. Give me a shout when you're ready.


3 Things You Should Look For In A Lawyer

Looking for a lawyer? 👩‍💼 👨‍💼

Make sure your attorney is: 
✅ 1) honest & trustworthy, 
✅ 2) efficient, and
✅ 3) hardworking.

Here's my take on why it matters & how to make a reliable determination.

Ryan McLaughlin
September Is "WRITE-YOUR-OWN-WILL" Month
Minnesota Write Your Own Will McLaughlin Law Estate Planning

✅ Fact: Few people enjoy contemplating their own death.


☑️ Problem: Even fewer take time to plan out the distribution of their assets or map out their healthcare directives.


✔️ Solution: September is "WRITE-YOUR-OWN-WILL" month. Get it done and out of the way. Save your family the hassle of bickering over who gets the boat or hot tub—not to mention hours upon hours in probate court.


💥BAM! Call (320)318-0430 or click the nifty "Book Now" button to schedule your free consultation with me.


Happy Tuesday.

Ryan McLaughlin
Fighting For College Students' Freedom

Criminal charges can dramatically impact the lives of college students. Not only do students have to face the already heavy penalties that the court system provides, but they also have to face the discipline that their university hands out.

As both attorney and former college professor, I have the experience to successfully protect college students in court and during university disciplinary proceedings. Whether you're facing a DUI, drug crime, or sex crime, not only will I represent you in court, but I'll work with you throughout your school's disciplinary proceedings as well.

If you need legal assistance, please don't hesitate call my South St. Paul office at 320-318-0430 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

Arrested College Minnesota Minneapolis St. Paul University
Ryan McLaughlin
Got Debt? Stop Creditors From Harassing You

If you are unable to work a deal with your creditor, and your phone is constantly ringing because of a harassing collection agency, write a letter requesting that the collector stop contacting you. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection agencies and attorneys must stop contacting you after receiving a letter requesting that they quit. 

After you send this letter, collectors may only contact you to acknowledge receipt of the request, to tell you their efforts have ended or to tell you that they are suing you. However, you should note that the FDCPA only applies to collection agencies and attorneys - it does not apply to in-house collection departments. Having said that, though, many creditors will honor the request.

If your letter fails to end the harassment, a letter from a lawyer usually will. Additionally, once you have hired a lawyer, the collection agency or creditor's attorney must only communicate to you through your lawyer. 

Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, it is illegal for debt collectors to do the following:

  • Contact your employer or neighbors about your debt (they may only contact them to locate you, but may not mention the debt)
  • Call you late at night or at unreasonable hours
  • Call you at work
  • Call you repeatedly
  • Engage in deceptive conduct
  • Calling you without disclosing the collector's identity
  • Use obscene, derogatory, or insulting remarks
  • Threaten arrest or loss of child custody or welfare benefits
  • Publish your name
  • Use any communication, language or symbols on envelopes or postcards that indicate that the sender is in the debt collection business
  • Threaten self-help repossession without legal right or present intent to do so

If the collection agency is violating any of these laws, you may be able to sue them for damages, your attorney fees, plus an additional $1,000.00.

McLaughlin Law is a next-generation legal office serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs. If you'd like to chat, give us a call. 


Debt Collectors Harassment Minnesota
Ryan McLaughlin
If a cop pulls you over, do you need to consent to a breathalyzer test?

Folks confuse two types of breathalyzers. There is a portable breathalyzer that police officers use as a screening device as part of the field sobriety tests at the time of the driver’s arrest. This test NEVER needs to be taken.

However, by refusing these tests (which is your right), chances are that you are going to be arrested, handcuffed and taken to the police department, where you will be asked to take some form of chemical testing. It’s this test (breath, blood or urine) that drivers must take. There is no choice. It is against the law to refuse this test.

The point? You don’t have to take the breathalyzer test at the scene, but you do have to take the test at the police station.

There are layers that make this more complex, of course, like the sentencing consequences of refusing an initial blow test and failing at the station. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult an attorney.

Breathalyzer Cop Pulled Over Minnesota DUI
Ryan McLaughlin
2 Quick Legalities To Remember on Labor Day Weekend!

1. Please drive safely! State and local patrol are in full force this weekend for drinking and driving violations. 

2. Do you have something on your record from years ago? Is it negatively impacting your ability to get a job, mortgage or firearm license? If you qualify, based on Minnesota statute, your past mistakes can be sealed by a court order. For a flat-fee, I can help you navigate the legal hurdles between you and a full criminal expungement.

Criminal Expungement Minnesota Seal Record

For more information, call 320.318.0430 or check out 

Why Embracing Millennial Style is the Smart Business Move
Why McLaughlin Law Embraces Millennials

Serving millennials is one thing I'm adamant about. Serving them with respect, I mean. Why? They’re interesting. They're involved. Because they're my peer group, many are similarly situated in terms of career goals, lifestyle predilections, social values, etc. The list goes on.


Most importantly, I want to serve millennials because too often they’re shamed for self-expression by so-called legal professionals like lawyers and judges. The derision might arise from a millennials’s tattoos, sexuality, or hair color. Or it may be work-life balance, career choice, or mode of transportation.


In any case, smart/savvy/serious business embraces millennials. At McLaughlin Law, I do my best to squash stuffy senile culture. Which is to say, yes, if you have a pink mohawk and a legal issue—from divorce mediation to drafting an Articles of Incorporation for an Etsy biz my door is open!

Welcome! Who Am I? From Loveeachother to Law Firm...

McLaughlin Law is 31 years in the making. My story goes something like this:

During my first semester of law school, my mom died of a heart attack. She was jogging. I did what any stubborn son (and grandson) of an Irish alcoholic would do: drank and drank.

I finished law school and then passed the Minnesota Bar Exam.

Then I wandered. I worked odd jobs—food trucks, Vietnamese kitchens, natural grocery stores, dish pits, Christmas tree farms, coffeeshops, etc. Call it a chip on my shoulder, or grief, maybe arrogance.

When I met my wife, Kate, in 2014, I stopped drinking. We soon got married. Because of my stubborn and idealistic insistence, we changed our last name to Loveeachother. I applied to graduate school in Creative Writing and we moved to Georgia. In the sweaty south, we had our first child: EllieRoo. I’ve since graduated, and experienced a significant chunk of fatherhood. I don’t know who has grown more in so few months—me or EllieRoo.

Because of EllieRoo, I now look in the mirror and see the same oval face and glasses, but now, I see myself primarily as a father—a provider, or co-provider. Fatherhood is amounting to a stern kick in the pants, a bugle call to personal responsibility.

Call it an epiphany. Nine months ago, I shaved my mane of dreadlocks. A month ago, I unzipped the dusty suit bag that housed my formal wear and began dressing for success, as they say. Yesterday, I drove to the county court to change my name back to McLaughlin.

It feels fantastic. A little absurd, given the circuitous path, but fantastic.

I’m not the typical lawyer. This isn’t the typical sales pitch. I don’t know if it’s a pitch at all. I’m a father, ultra-runner, former alcoholic, husband, swimmer, daily diarist, yogi and paleo diet enthusiast.

I share all this—the longwinded this-is-my-life-story spiel—not to say that we all make mistakes, because I don’t think anything in the above is a mistake, nor to pat myself on the back (there’s too much to do for self-congratulating).

I share all this because I think life happens, so it goes, etc. It’s how we react. How we stick together and do the best we can. How we take one day at a time. How we try to be honest with ourselves and those around us. How we try to take responsibility for our lives. How we try, we try, we try.

Therefore, yes, I would love to represent you. To be your attorney. To help you with the legal aspects of your journey. It is a journey, I’m learning. Forward, backward, side-to-side. It’s all perspective. And it’s all what’s right for you. Call, text or email me today. Your first consultation is free.

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