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3 Reasons Why A Tattooed Attorney Is An Advantage

3 Reasons Why A Tattooed Attorney Is An Advantage

  1. Making it into the legal profession with tattoos is a difficult task. The field's conservative values and hierarchy favor the status quo. If you can find a licensed attorney with ink, it means they have a proven track record of performance and resourcefulness above and beyond the average hoop-jumper.

  2. Tattoos are the opposite of high-brow and elitist. A tattooed attorney won't look down at a client or spout snooty legalese to get a higher fee.

  3. Tattoos are, sometimes, mistakes—or at least marks of the people we were then, but not now. If you have an attorney with tattoos from 10 years ago, he or she probably understands that we all start off in one place and grow from there. This basic understanding sets the groundwork for an enjoyable attorney-client relationship.

    My name is Ryan McLaughlin and I'm an attorney with McLaughlin Law, LLC. I'm heavily tattooed and would love to help you with your legal needs. I specialize in Estate Planning, Family Law, and Holistic Divorce Mediation. Hit me up: (320)318-0430.

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