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Why Embracing Millennial Style is the Smart Business Move
Why McLaughlin Law Embraces Millennials

Serving millennials is one thing I'm adamant about. Serving them with respect, I mean. Why? They’re interesting. They're involved. Because they're my peer group, many are similarly situated in terms of career goals, lifestyle predilections, social values, etc. The list goes on.


Most importantly, I want to serve millennials because too often they’re shamed for self-expression by so-called legal professionals like lawyers and judges. The derision might arise from a millennials’s tattoos, sexuality, or hair color. Or it may be work-life balance, career choice, or mode of transportation.


In any case, smart/savvy/serious business embraces millennials. At McLaughlin Law, I do my best to squash stuffy senile culture. Which is to say, yes, if you have a pink mohawk and a legal issue—from divorce mediation to drafting an Articles of Incorporation for an Etsy biz my door is open!