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How to Seal Your Minnesota Record & Move On From the Past


8 Benefits of MN Record Expungement:

  • Gets the arrest and case information off of your record.
  • Allows you to tell potential employers that you have not been arrest and/or charged with a crime.
  • You may become eligible for more types of professional licenses and certificates.
  • Can greatly improve your earning capacity by opening countless job opportunities.
  • Stop worrying or feeling embarrassed when someone does a background check on you.
  • You may become eligible for more and/or better student loans.
  • You may become eligible for more and/or better housing assistance and opportunities.
  • Tell friends and family that you have not been arrested and/or charged with a crime.

Is your Minnesota arrest or conviction record limiting your chances of obtaining gainful employment or finding a new place to live? Do you want to be able to move forward and have a life where you are not judged based upon your past record? 

Many people may not know that they do not have to be saddled with their past criminal record of arrest or conviction for the rest of their lives. Minnesota law allows many people to expunge their records. We have the knowledge, experience and passion to navigate MN law for you and get your record expunged.

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Arrest Record Expungement: $900-1,900*

Drug Conviction Expungement: $900-1,900*

Adult Conviction Expungement: $1,695-2,000*

Which of the following 3 situations applies to you?

Arrest Record Expungement

Minnesota allows expungement of arrest records if your arrest did not result in a conviction. Expungement will seal the records so that you can apply for employment without worrying if an employer will see a record of the arrest.

MN Diversion Program or Stay of Adjudication Case Expungement

If you were charged with possession of a controlled substance and completed a deferred prosecution program pursuant to Minnesota Statute section 152.18, other diversion, or stay of adjudication program you may be eligible to expunge your case after you are discharged and the proceedings are dismissed. The expungement will seal the arrest and court records so no one can see record of your case. If you did not receive diversion or did not complete it successfully, your case may still be eligible to be expunged under the provisions regarding expungement of convictions.

MN Conviction Expungement

In order to convince the court to expunge a conviction, you need to be able to show that you have made real changes in your life. You must show that you are a different person than the person you were at the time of the conviction. The court must be persuaded that is very unlikely that you will ever commit another crime.


1. How can I increase my chances of Success for Conviction Expungements?

Because the facts and circumstances surrounding each case vary, success rates vary widely. That said, the more signs of rehabilitation (law-abiding behavior, change in circumstances and positive conduct) and more hardship (lost opportunities and unfair discrimination) caused by the record, the better the chances for success.

2. How long does it take to get expunged?

The time it takes for a record to be expunged in Minnesota differs, but it usually takes about 6 to 9 months. Once I get your case, I begin working on it immediately. Therefore, most of the wait time depends on how busy the court is where your petition is filed.

3. Will I need to go to court?

The flat fees listed above covers all costs including filing fees. So, I'll first gather information on your case and do any essential research. Once that is done I will compose your petition and any other needed documents. If there is any prosecutor opposition I will also respond to that. In addition, I'll then go to court to zealously advocate for you. Most of the time, though not always, your presence in court will not be mandatory. If you want an update on your case you can call me anytime.

4. does expungement destroy my old record?

Under the current law, when the court grants an expungement of a conviction in Minnesota, records are sealed but not destroyed. This is important to know, because law enforcement, prosecutors, or corrections authorities may still gain access to an expunged record. However, a public search of court records or BCA records for an expunged conviction will no longer appear. Although, when the court grants an expungement of a conviction under its inherent authority, records that are kept by some executive branch agencies, including the BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension), might not be expunged and available to public view.